Infowall at BOS

Infowall at BOS takes passenger information and wayfinding to the next level

Boston Logan Airport (BOS) is continually improving passenger experience. With the 2015 release of Infobar – a ground breaking, user friendly, kiosk-based system – in Terminal A, BOS presented passenger information and wayfinding in a small personalized screen. With the release of Infowall, they take those services to a whole new level.

A traveler using Infowall

Good wayfinding made better

BOS’ existing video wall directories had limited interactive capability. Infowall provides fully functional touch screens and increased zooming capabilities without degrading resolution.Infowall is a 2×2 video wall comprised of 46 inch landscape screens.  The first Infowall is in the new C to E Connector, a post security area constructed to add more gates and provide a convenient pathway between terminals behind security.

Close up of the map with a warning that the chosen path will lead out of the secure area.
The larger form factor serves as a directory for travelers walking by so they can see gates with just a glance. It is oriented towards the viewer, so passengers can get a quick sense of where they are in relation to where they want to be and what general types of concessions are nearby.

Personalized information and wayfinding

The large form factor also offers personalized service. Passengers can use an attached boarding pass scanner to retrieve information specific to their flight. Then can take directions with them via QR codes and SMS.  Infowall will also warn travelers if the destination they have chosen is outside of security. 

Despite the large field, AOC’s innovative interactive design prevents information overload. Users can select a category of interest (e.g. Dining), and all of the dining icons will appear, but detailed information only appears when the user selects a specific item.

Close up of InfoWall a 2x2 map of Logan Airport featuring Interactive Wayfinding and a boarding pass scanner.

Cutting edge technology provides passengers with current info at a glance

Like Infobar, Infowall combines advanced technology with an eye-catching user interface developed as an HTML5 Chrome application. The map utilizes scalable vector graphics (SVG), allowing users to pinch and zoom to see desired details while the image remains sharp and clear. The map is described by XML, which means that every map element is programmable. This, in conjunction with tight integration of real-time flight data, enables AOC to change the plane icons at the gate to match the color of their status: green for on time, yellow for a change and red for delayed.

Screen showing a green plane (on time flight) and a red plane (cancelled flight).

Infowall utilizes Art of Context’s Directory Management Studio (DMS), a purpose-built system for directory asset management. DMS makes it easy for administrators to provide travelers with the most up-to-date information across multiple channels (i.e. web, and digital signage). With DMS, it’s an easy and fast click and drag operation to update directory assets.

Additional InfoBars have already been installed and there are plans for additional installations throughout the airport.