Airport Flight Information Displays (FIDS, BIDS, & GIDS) and Emergency Messaging (EMS)

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Flight data information systems have been around since the dawn of commercial aviation. Written before the onset of the public Internet and private cloud hosting, the legacy software typically requires bulky operating systems such as Windows 7.  Now your FIDS display is yet another workstation you must maintain with monthly security patches and all the associated updates.

List of flights and their status at Boston Logan Airport Terminal C

At Art of Context, we have in-depth experience creating and implementing airport baggage, flight, and Gate information display systems (BIDS/FIDS/GIDS). We know where the weaknesses are and we do IDs better. Our system, built on solid Internet technologies, like HTML5 and Websockets, allows us to run on inexpensive ChromeBox devices.  The ChromeOS is self-updating. Designed from the ground up to be simple, extremely small and, most importantly, secure. It behaves like a Chrome web browser, that can be managed from the cloud. In the case of flight information, it is a kiosk that displays your FIDS and only your FIDS.  Gone are the days of updates, security patches and periodic reboots. When you are talking about numerous screens, this allows for a more cost efficient and secure operation.

AOC’s intuitive system includes a module for managing playlist based content such as advertising, general information and promotions. We also developed an integrated emergency messaging (EMS) module that will warn of things such as, fire, aircraft incident, tornado warnings, etc.

Screen in Jacksonville International Airport (JAX( announcing a tornado warning during a hurricane.All the planning in the world may not cover all possible emergency scenarios so operators have the ability to easily create ad hoc messages.

  • Intuitive and quick operation. – A rarely used system, but when needed the operator should not have to read a manual.
  • Instant activation.  Within seconds of activation all screens in our system will be displaying the message.
  • Open feeds other systems can consume the data output of our system and receive the same messages our system is displaying.
  • Upon deactivation screens automatically go back to displaying their original content.

Our IDs and emergency message systems are budget friendly, beautiful, and easy to maintain. Contact us today (Lee Ryan, to learn how we can help you improve customer experience.

Download our FIDS information sheet

Flight information on the left wayfinding on the right in Terminal A at Boston Logan Airport (BOS)